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I am worth it.

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Norton Shores, United States

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Age: 29


Seeking: male


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Personality: Courteous

My friends describe me as outgoing but I consider myself to be an introvert. I enjoy lively debate, intellectual discussions, and learning from others. I am gentle and patient, and am impressed by compassion. Honesty and strength of character are important to me, and I treat people with respect and expect the same. I have been trying to achieve balance in my life and appreciate the same in others - a balance of spontaneity and orderliness, relaxation and diligence, and rest and activity. I love dance, especially classical dance, love literature and film, enjoy irreverent humor, and value good food . I am a strong yet sensitive woman and want a strong yet sensitive man, an equal, who can challenge me and enjoys being challenged, but is kind and empathetic
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